New emoji idea

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Should we have it?

  • YES

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Why not

it’s an actually pointless emoji with no uses

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You’re rude for that one
It was by the others
Never said by that

i’m not being rude

The OTHERS choose

you edited the poll
there were people who said no

I meant for one decision

That’s not rude Josaiah. Galaxy is just pointing out that it wouldn’t make sense to have a custom cursor of the site :sadblob: Plus, there would only be one of those. :skull_and_crossbones:

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You should add no as a choice

You just want the emoji and only you so far

But you gotta hear what the others have to say

If it wouldn’t make sence, you’re saying that the ccc shouldn’t have a cursor for the logo

But people won’t have a need to use it?

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But people would have it?

ya, and there would only be one of it. I don’t think Blife would make something where there’s only one thing. It has to be part of some type of category, yk?

But the point of a emoji is using it?

People are gonna have to want it but clearly nobody wants it rn
From the looks of it you just want it
And your not giving people a choice to say no

  • Yes
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Do we want this emoji

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Oh i don’t actually think we should have it since we won’t really use it
Maybe put in something else!

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