Nexus Fusion Extract 1

The Astral Plains - August 2023 - Nova’s Beginning

It’s been a while since the last attack in this world, I couldn’t get to the battle between the kids in Reality 509 and the Reality Forger, people rely on us Space Heroes less, me and the others are left to living a normal life, I create comics for a living, because what hero would make them? Vikora has resorted to working in a newly opened Astromall, because that provides enough money for our group to survive another month of our boring lives, and May has been missing for a while now, she said she would investigate an alien sighting in (once again) Reality 509, and that was forever ago, so at this point, she can only be presumed as dead.

I’ll update you all and have a Megathread about it, which i’ll use to link all the things including the entire story when it comes out (around December/January)

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every time i see the word nexus i have to physically restrain myself from explaining the entire world of walker lore

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i’ve walked into something i maybe should’ve avoided

depends on how much you like alan walker

never heard of it

Not like we haven’t all heard it already


rubs hands together do you wanna? it’s a tragic tale of technology, fascists, solar storms, and a lost civilization

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beep beep