note Mods

when i ask to be renamed to Sargent_James, do that, and leave my name as is if i don’t say i want my name changed, but i would like to be renamed to @Sargent_James, at least until The_New_CountryHuman is online…

so when you’re online, @Nuggy, @blife450, please change my name to @Sargent_James.


@Sargent_James is what i had my account name to before this…

Pm them.

i did, but they aren’t online just yet…

Oh try blife he will answer quick

im confused
but Done

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thank you!

I never got any pms from you.


whats with the pfps guys

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no i did

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i know

i ended my shaking

i was Shaking when i woke up

i found whitty

3rd song of his is almost impossible