nothing but weird :D (Part 6)

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oh okay

half of y’all owe me apologies ngl cause some of u annoying and wonder why I hate u :heart_eyes:

bye not the field :skull:

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@Mochi.Chan I ain’t never saw ya apologize to nez, or anybody else or at least something that wasn’t really small at all


So, i suggest you don’t force her to apologize to you
i’m not tryna join in the fight or some, but like just don’t if you are not gonna be the one to say it :woman_standing:

nah because I be laughing at these tiktoks abt putin :skull:

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Who is putin?

“president” of russia

i asked if i could atleast apologize too her- i was until the topic closed on us

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Russia’s president



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Then you kinda should’ve apologized first instead of saying “Can at least apologize :))))))))”

why not