Nothing but weird :D

bc my friends keep distracting me

oof my friends distract me and i still manage get my work done they must just cheer me up

well can i get the badge then?

Hold on

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Yea I don’t see you on this or any other Nothing but weird

i was on the first 1

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Oh yea just found you

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ask @cemeterial

ok ty

@blife450 can you give the badge?

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bozo :laughing:

nah bro is bc they distracting me by moaning :skull: :sob:

Ay yo

PFFT :joy:
Dang that’s crazy

yeah i know

I could only imagine lol, I remember kids in my class did that before

and sum ppl still doing it rn fr

Well some people at my school do some things related to that, but not much-

ok mb