Oh my gosh, I finally have an idea

Can this ¯_(ツ)_/¯ be an emoji? It could just be called :shrug: or something

  • Yes
  • No

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Make a poll for it

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I feel like anyone could copy paste that kaomoji and use it :^ But idk, up to y’all Ig


oh they could, but anyone could also copy and paste any of the other emojis, it just makes it easier to do

true :^ Idk maybe is my vote

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Yah man

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This wouldn’t be possible as an emoji afaik, but maybe as a watched word with the “Replace” action.

Just checked on a forum I’m an admin on, and emojis can be added on the admin interface, but they have to be images, not text. Therefore, watched words would probably be the best (only? ) option.


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Why? Thats a text, not an image, and you can just type that in…

plus, theres a shrug emoji already

:omegalul: :facepalm: