ok another idea its been a while

say you made a topic and someone said something off topic or bad or gross

well they should make it where the creators of the topics can just delete posts in there topics tho


what you think

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seee gem knows what to say

i mean honestly feel like this is my best idea yet


there is a flag for it

i know you can flag peoples post but it makes things alot easier for the creators of the topic

then tht means some jerks will just figure out a way to get into other peoples chats and delete all their messages

im sure that wont happen we know these people in the ccc there good people

i said the person who made the topic can delete there post

yea but some people will find a way

you mean t13 people or somethin?

i mean i dont even know the last time someone ever hacked or did something major on the ccc

mr coffee

@Mr coffee

curse youuu

Christoper coffee


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they can do this when they’re lvl 4 tho

The community already has tools and people to solve this problem
Its mods and high-ranked users