Ok here me out more animation emojis

Cat dancing

Sad blob

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  • No

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Do these work :sob:

Okay that is a little better


stop XDD

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sad lol
i am sad

Plus, nobody will have elipsy however you spell it since the rainbow cat is a bit slow

I am jamming

Also there fun to use :man_shrugging:


This is gonna get 15 yes votes I feel it :weary:


I ate McDonald’s

yeah same


I summon you

@Travjt2 i summon you

Malak you unvoted why do this


Some didn’t looked interesting enough, i’m fine with the cat and sad emoji, just not a fan of the cat bopping, if people want it, that’s their thing

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Alright I’ll get rid of it

:sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears: :sad_tears:

ethan you’re filling up my feed with notifs about these topics :sob: