okay; so i made CountryCross Fanart #8 yesterday...

here’s the Art:
honestly; i feel like I went all out with King K. Rool, i did better with Neo, and i gave up around Omegaton…

(Also, the thing in 'Megaton’s grasp is not a oil drum on fire, it’s a thing i will explain later.)

and here’s the description i typed i out when i posted this on DeviantArt:

(also, the Description i typed made me smile; read it, if you get the chance to)

what is ThAt???



its good, it just

King K. Rool: he said WHAT?!?

now you’ve gone and done it-

Boi, thats a charmander

sigh and here’s another person who’s never heard of Tornado Outbreak before…

no, it just looks like a charmander

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realizes; and violently wheezes

huh, what did u realize

he kinda does-

look like charmander lol

You did such a good job

thanks; honestly; it could use some adjustments.

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Even tho, its still amazing.