Ollo peeps. If ya got humor. Make us laugh!

even tho this was like 4 months ago-

3 months and 19 days and 4 hours and 7 seconds to be exact

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Wait wAt-

How did you know that-

i have an above average i.q

didn’t you do middle school rp with me and a lot others?

i killed the chat


so you are the dani i know :smiley:


ok hi i finally found out how to torture ranboo i think it is snuggling with him

Me, nez and Malak are on good terms now-

read it alllllll


If you heard all the drama of course-

i’m a kid and i’m more mature than a lot of the people who are older than me


Yea same, I mean seriously-

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i have a joke


where do u find a cow with no legs

and why dont dinosors talk