Omori Roleplay!!

Okay, The Omori Roleplay will be here instead of the other one because of disgust people :D
Omori/sunny: @_Female_hanako_kun
Aubrey: @Eleven_Hopper
Hero: @YukioBoreas
Basil: @Ethan.kun
Captain Space boy:
Capt. space boy:
(I’ll update the list when I find the rest of the names)

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just make a pm instead a second one

or ignore the people / flag them. simple

It wouldn’t work and we agreed to make a new one-


“Why are you here acting innocent when you hang around with a kid that carries a knife” ~ Aubrey

Omg :butter::hocho::bread:

You added 2 captain space boys by accident

He has the good and evil version and I just didn’t know which one I should put-