PETION to suspend


so the reasons

@Matchy-Patchy spams which can get annoying

hes responisble for the copy of nothing but weird part 10

qne even NIGHTWING say he might get responible for spam


:frowning: >:( man

thats all the prove lol

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i sign.

he shouldent be banned, but suspended, spamming is not that serious unless he gets suspended multiple times and still continues

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he also sweared

yep i fogor about that

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Iā€™m sort of a girl

ok didnt ask

well then flag it, and it will go to mods

it already went to a mod

then let the mods and blife decide it

weee really dont care, this isnt discord


They got suspended

p o g


freee solution for me

Bro what

saul= best lawyer

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