Pictures + Gifs in bios? How-

Does anyone know how to put pictures or gifs into bios? I’m confused-

Try copying the picture idk

I did that already :sob:

I even tried putting the url of the picture, but it just was way to bif and didn’t make sense. It didn’t even come out as a link :sob: I even tried renaming the link for videos and such. That didn’t work either

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what picture are you trying to put?

Like aesthetic picture of a character

@yummyorangejuice yoi know how to do this


Basically, make a PM for yourself, and after that
You just post the GIF
You then quote the GIF and copy it’s contents from there
Now you can put it in your bio


You just gotta remove the quote

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ok I’ll try it out and see if that works. Thank you Malak.

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like my bio is filled with pictures

4 pics

So like would you put this in your bio?

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It worked, Thank you so much Malak!!

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