play piffle on mobile

or else you’ll lose your tiny toes :smiley:


Yes ma’am


I used to have a Piffle hyperfix, like 5 years ago

piffle is amazing
mona is all over it
ngl it’s the most mona game i’ve seen in my life


i remember that

it was all I would talk about

Piffle Waffles and Doc Block and Maramelade


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it’s fun
but i hate running out of lives

and i’m broke :sob:

I remember

I learned it from Crossy

I was playing Crossy and I unlocked Piffle and I thought it was so cute and I loved the music and I found out it was a game and I loved it

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yeah that’s how we found it

I hate how Crosby Road introduced me to Piffle

what’s so bad about that?

Whats piffle

awesome game
you launch cats to break blocks

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Defeat Doc Block to save your dog

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