plz don't tell me im the only one

like am i the only one who never got suspended?!?!/!1/

i got suspended

:woman_standing: :woman_standing: I just found out i was suspended 6 months ago


so im the only one who never got suspended :disappointed:

When I got suspended I didn’t even know cause I was to busy at school then I checked march 17 a day before I could get on and was like “Oh” :sweat_smile:

:pensive: fr

i need a badge called “1st one to never get suspended”

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nah ive never been suspended

same lol

so yuh cant get that badge :yawning_face:

:joy: “yuh”


Oh cmon there’s a lot of people who never got suspended

ok so im the 456765456765432345676543234567654356765456765467876567898767876567898765678765456765456787654356765456787654567654678765456765434565453456654345676545676543234565432123456787656789876543w4565432345654345654345654567876546787654567876545676545678765456785434567558865456765676567th dude who never got suspended

It was funny calm down-:eyes:

:skull: :skull: :skull:

y e s

do y’all know whats a hahiwayflesheater?

I’ve never been.