Post your PiB: The Last Wish fanart here!

Here’s what I’ve made. I MIGHT draw Wolf next, who knows?

I love it so cute



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idk if i like it cause first

  1. you have no one who puss the cat is fighting
  2. why would he protect her still she gets on puss nerves
  3. why is puss blushing?

Shhh dear shhhh~

AHEM im 1 year older than you and your saying shh to me how bout you shh
no offence tho

Okay listen.

  1. I was gonna maybe draw Wolf; BUT that’s gonna be saved for the next project of mine.

  2. Even though Puss and Kitty tend to annoy each other, they love each other, do they not?

  3. Because he is, sheesh.

If you don’t like it, then I won’t waste my time on stuff like this again.

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:sob::sob:I’m just young Okay OLDIE

no drip

Estoy Bootin’

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He is Estoy Bootin’, my guy.

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