Puss in Boots: The Wishing Lantern

(A roleplay inspired by The Last Wish)

Puss and the gang have heard about a legend of a Lantern that will allow anyone to make any wish, and now He, along with Kitty Softpaws and Perrito; are searching all over the world for all the clues in order to find it. The only problem? A group of cultists, led by Paul Bunyan, A group of Bandits led by a Cat by the name of Ebony, A tribal group of Natives, and a Jackal by the name of HideanSeek; are ALL looking for the same lantern as well. Join Puss and the gang as they travel through Jungles, Cities, Swamps, Ruins and more in order to find the Wishing Lantern! There will be Danger! Action! And much more!

Puss in Boots: Taken by Me
Kitty Softpaws: Open
Perrito: Open
Ebony: Taken by me
HideanSeek: Taken by @Adidas_Doge
Paul Bunyan: Open
Melody: Taken by @Adidas_Doge

Yeah; I would’ve typed more, but I’m nervous for my ACTs tomorrow.


Can I be myself?

I- You’re gonna have to ask @Adidas_Doge, because Idk-

I want this to be more Shrek/Puss in boots line. But yiu could create a character, or chose an existing one?

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Yeah. He does have a point.

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Ik that’s what I’m thinking

Could you describe yourself for the story? Cuz if you are gonna be a custom character, you’ll need some fairytale elements. Ebony and Melody are inspired from Puss in Boots directly, (though Melody has mkre basis on Kitty) and Hideanseek is the jackal from a fairy tale after he got nipped out of his rewards for helping a farmer.


So basically Aak is your typical black cat , a sign of bad luck and a old apprentice of Baba Yaga , but instead of wanting to hurt others we wants to become a doctor and show that not all black cats are bad


Yeah, i guess that’ll do.
Why do they want the lanturn?

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His wish? That black cats are considered good instead of bad


He’s really not selfish

Welp; Can’t leave y’all hanging on what Ebony looks like, so:

Name: Ebony

Age: I’m just gonna say 4 in cat years.

Gender: Male

Species: Cat (Obviously–) ((And just like Aak, he’s also a Black cat.))

Personality: Persuasive, Shadowy, Sly; can be hilarious at times, but usually keeps all jokes to a minimum, unless if he’s feeling it.

Likes: Gold, Artifacts, fish. He also gets easily distracted with Yarn, and other things that Cats like (i.e. Leche, light, catnip, e.t.c). Shadows

Dislikes: People who refer to him as “El gato Mako”, as he HATES it when people call him that, Sharks (Because he died to one!),

Extra Info: He’s only died once, when he refused to wear the safety restraints when he went shark fishing, and thus was yanked out of the chair and into the water, where he was then torn in half by the very Mako shark he hooked. Because of this; both Death and Hideanseek refer to Ebony as “El gato Mako”, because of his “Mako war, not love” incident. He used to belong to a Witch, but became homeless once she was burned at the stake by a Mob, who also torched her house to the ground. He barely escaped with his life. He can Appear and disappear with the shadows, which is why Puss and Kitty swear he can teleport.

The reason Why He wants the lantern: He wants to find the lantern, not to reverse his first death, but to… I honestly didn’t think this far into his motivation-


(Credit to @FuwaFuwaNeko on Pixilart for the above image)


Oh and I forgot to explain , Aak used a med gun

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Name: Melody
Age: in cat years, 3. In human years, 29.
Gender: Female
Likes: Riches of any kind, cat things (yarn, Leche, and red lasers, and dangly things)
Dislikes: Hideanseek (He creeps her out), Dupe riches (fool’s gold, false diamonds, gem stickers)
Species:Cat (obviously)
Breed: Maine-Calico (Maine Coon/Calico)
Desc: She has yet to die, and tries to avoid death. She uses Assassin Claws as her weapon, along with a gatito blade of her own. It is unknown why she fear Hideanseek, but it can be chalked up to his unnerving nature.
The reason why she wants the lanturn: Currently unknown. Maybe more riches, maybe something else. Hard to say.


Oh and Dash, 8 in human years is 48 in cat years-

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Let’s change that to 4-

Okay well who starts?

Hey! Can I join and are all the characters taken? :smile:

this is kinda dead, sir.