red hoods weapon shop (NOW HIRING AND OPEN)

we have everything you could ever want or need even nukes
(now hiring)

anyone want a job?

Whered ya get those nukes

its a secret

S u S!!!

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no u

anyways want a job

Nightwing was a better Robin.

Nightwing overall is cooler.

You have

M1911 (pistol)
M16a4 (ar)
M4a1 (ar)
M14asomething (infantry Rifle)
M1a1 (smg)
M60(machine gun)

(The barneys are coming)

can i have a jod


you dont have to be so honest


am i at least better then tim drake or the current robin?


Much better than those two.


I demand an AK-47.

ok that will be $69 @Weirdcore so give me your money

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