revival of an old topic

Continuing the discussion from lets rp!!! (high school) anyone can join) (Part 4):
be who you were if you werew in the old one if you want i guess
@Shadow_Monarch @Demon_Crushed

I forgot who i was ima go finds out brb

i have an idea of who i was as it was relatively consistant

founds it

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imma go find mine

Ima change mine up a bit

imma just do what i did and pull someone but imma let jason die there and pull out someone else i was so i guess its spider-man time

lol alr

i cant find mine

oh dang wait who r u ?

Artist, fighter, hates school

(Alr and shes fixed )

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im @Demon_God

i have no idea who you were you can always start from scratch

looking back on it johnny was frickin goofy

im stayin away from serious characters becuase that didnt work at all


he was weird

Reveries: Photo | Anime drawings boy, Anime character design, Concept art  characters

Name: Axel
age: 17
likes: tattos, games, fighting, drawing, music
dislikes: bullies
height: 5’10

homie looks like hes gonna kick me out of a nightclub for bringing in a karaoke machine