Rp time <3 ✌🏽

Legit ANY rp will do I’m bored and got nothin to do

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:sob::sob: no im fr someone please :joy::joy:

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hmm maybe :eyes:

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I’m down

why not

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YESSIRRRRR :dancer::man_dancing::dancer::heart::heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: hehehehehehhe

yea im also bored so why not?

So should we rp in a pm or-:eyes:


up to you

anywhere :eyes:

wanna be friends?

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:eyes: That’s Josh btw the guy I told u bout :v:t4:

Joshy Woshy!!!

Pm ig so ppl don’t come and post random shβ€” :eyes:


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Shut it - only I can call him those nicknames :joy::joy::joy::joy:

i came up with it within a second tho :sob:

o-O :eyes: ayo? joshy woshy is my nickname for him now