San Francisco

[@GalaxyWings, @DaRK_Dawg, @Elizabeth-presley, @mudkip_jotaro, @EliteSnowNinja and Orange fly to San Francisco on the halberd neo]

vibes as a smol Sapfling

Simon: What are we doing in the otherworld?

Orange: This is where the readings are coming from.

Galaxy: What readings?

Orange: The ones from the radar.

Juniper: Exactly who or what are we looking for?

Orange: No idea, we will see what it is we were sent out here to do.

Simon: Mind-blower, what if it’s Teal?

is a smol tree

Orange: We will have to find out.

halberd neo materializes and lands
Meta Knight: we’re here


???: WAIT! You guys need to be careful here! There’s a trap!

Meta Knight: cool, don’t care

gets off the boat

i be sad if you’re talking about me…)

Orange: This is San Francisco.

???:If you get in this trap you’ll be trapped for eternity.

Meta Knight: are you an idiot? do you know who I am?