:Cherry_Blossom: Savage's Aparments!

Come and buy an apartment for $30s a month
Say Amparment pls and I will give you ur key
If you want to be hired says Job, please!
Also if you want you can get a discount by liking my post!
Rent will be collected On the 30 of May
{You MUST pay with CCC Bucks}
Also, remember to have fun luvs
Security: @Atmos
Security 2: @Killua-da-qt
Security 3: @AquaMarine
Security 4 : @Number8
Front Desk: @StarLight_Danio
Front Desk 2:
Room Service: @The_Gem_Wolf
Room Service 2:
Room Service 3:
Room Service:4
Janitor 2 :
Janitor 3:
Janitor 4:
Head Chef:
Chef: @GalaxyWings
Chef 2:
Chef 3:
Chef 4:
Chef 5:


job. wait, you do hire Wind Warriors, right @SavageBeenFound?

i liked the post give me a discount

Ofc everyone is welcome!

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alright @SavageBeenFound! what jobs are open?

Ok the discount is 15% off your first month

Well room service, front desk, janitor, security.

security, please!

can i gett a room


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Can I get an apartment for free cause it’s my birthday?

Ok sir gives room key #1 Please enjoy your stay!



i will

hands #2 key Enjoy your stay :wave:

imma go bring more people here

Thats wonderful!

there should be more people coming soon, @SavageBeenFound…

Ok Thank you again also you get paid $100 a month

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