SCP foundation cursors

i don’t know about you, but from what i know of, the SCP foundations is a pretty big thing on the internet. and i’m a little shocked their isn’t SCP cursors out there already. and with thousands of different options available for SCP cursors. it should be a thing.

yeah well its already been asked for

but im feeling 22

wow the same time

ik lol

i thought the same thing


i have a few ideas 1471 682 999 173 096 and 049

Hey! I just put together a few SCP Cursors! They aren’t of characters or SCP’s themselves, but more of something that would be found on a Foundation Terminal.

I tried to see if i could upload them to this site, but that would take too long, so i figured i’d just leave a download link lol

can u add a few scps like 1471 096 173 and 682 please

also plz upload i cant get to it thruh the link