SDA Badge

Title: Santa Defence Agency


Description: Santa Will go unharmed no matter the cost.

Give to: @ethan.kun, @Breezy, @Adidas_Doge, @Travjt2, @

Watch out Santa Hate Club, there’s a new agency in town and they won’t let you succeed.
Also the santa you burned was decoy.


I need some people to defend the christmas spirit

I already kiIIed santa

i will protect santa

You donut that was a fake you killed some random guy name jake!

We will find the real Santa mark my words!

I WaNt ThiS

We’ll stop you
we are going to arm the north pole with weapons designed to disassemble you
and we’ll set up outposts all over the world.
We will save santa and the holiday spirit

Tch we will see about that!

last time i checked, you are just a small little cult! We are an Agency!

We will er-um STop you yeah that was the word .__. … We will stop you!

The Secret Service for Santas :smile:

I think we’re going to succeed in our mission

i think i just ran him over with my car


@Nightwing would like to join you

Yes, I would like to join. @Mordecai_Heller, put my name down


That… was a Mall santa.