Sea Breeze Cove


“Yeah, I’m his bride.”

oh lilith your here

“My appearance varies from world to world.”

makes since

stoops over a dying willow the droughts starting, and the forest is prone to fires…

“That’s bad.”

grabs my spider-man hoodie and hockey mask

lilith hand me my machete

slowly mutes topic

“Machete’s won’t work, we need guns.”

i have my ways

(note: the only reason me and Aqua haven’t turned into dust, is that only Me and Aqua have water circulating through our bodies, instead of bl00d)

the laughter of Fire Flyers can be heard in the distance

(@DashtheWarrior, can you change the topic name to Sea Breeze Cove?)

no, not until we reach it…

my teatcher just roasted my classmate

my classmate was saying he was the most handsome guy on earth amy my teacher said your delusional


Your teacher is amazing.

i know right

i hated his class untill just now tho