Sea Breeze Cove

Dogey was kidnapped by the DCCs, and the home of both me and Aqua has been taken over by the Dune Drifters, a large population of Dust Elementals, who turned my tropical homeland into a barren desert, and the DCCs are working with the Desert Drifters, so Dogey is in Sea Breeze Cove, and here, in Forest Frenzy, our adventure starts…

uhhh why am i here

“Ok, we’re here. The DCC base is across the globe. We need to hurry.”

im out im getting married

“Dogey will get executed if we don’t hurry.”

we must, because without any sources of H2O, Water Whirls cease to exist…


im leaving im heading back to my wedding

and if we don’t save Sea Breeze Cove, the world will enter a severe drought, and you guys should know what will happen next…

“I’m assuming what you mean by that, is a water black market will start up.”


i am not ready to save a planet

a water black market

no, all plants will wither, and speices will di3 off in a mass extinction…

“Well, your new to SFRU. We are trained professionals.”

i need to be at my wedding sorry guys

“Probably the water Black Market thing as well.”


we should save Dogey first, she knows a lot of things about the World Mass drought and how to stop it, if we don’t save her we can’t figure out how to stop a drought

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your bride is going to help, so best for you to stay and make sure she doesn’t get endgame’d