Secrets of the Horrific Deep (Underwatereqse Roleplay with some horror Elements)

:warning: WARNING :warning:

The following roleplay contains Horror elements, as well as very descriptive diction choice about the Deep Sea, along with Thalassophobia and the Fear of the Unknown. If you are a person who doesn’t cope with Scary stuff well; do NOT join this roleplay. I will ONLY warn you once. The events that might unfold in this roleplay might be frightening; with stuff like giant horrors with 18 eyes and 6 rows of razor sharp teeth and tentacles and whatnot. So, if you have a weak heart and scare easily; again, do NOT join!

…With that being said; let’s move on to the story:

Darkness; Fear; Terror, Great unimaginable Horrors; The Unknown… These are just some of the ways one would describe the Deepest parts of the Oceans. The deep seas are shrouded in mystery and fear, not to mention pure unbridled terror… You will be a crewmember in a team of 5 tasked with exploring the horrifying darkness of the Oceans of Earth after the Flood of Neptia; which submerged 90% of all landmasses and eradicating 80% percent of all life on land in a single month; in a submarine with no windows, as the constant darkness of the murky water around the Submersible and the terrifying creatures that Live within it are enough to drive a Sane man to the Brink of Insanity… What Horrors await you in the Darkness? You’ll just have to see for yourself…

Captian of the S.S. Hatchetfish, the name of the Submarine you’ll be using (Only one person can take this role):

Second in command, in case something happens to the Captain (Just like with Captain, this too is a First come, first serve thing):

Repairman, just in case Something BIG lurking in the deep and horrible darkness damages the Submarine:

Journalist, for recording information on anything found during the Voyage:

Weaponist, for if the Submersible needs to defend or protect itself (It has Torpedoes for attacking, and a Force field for defense purposes):
Taken by @mother_rose

My Character:

(Credit to Kobes on DA for the above image)
((And Yes, I think this guy would be fitting for this roleplay))

Name: Elijah

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Height: 5’6

Weight: 140 pounds

Species: Ghostly Diver

Personality: Skittish at first, but has a heart of solid gold (not literally), and loves being around his friends (One of the crew of the S.S. Hatchetfish will likely befriend this guy early in the roleplay)

Likes: Fish, Anything Ocean-related, The Deep Sea (Because it’s dark enough for him to hide from The Aquatic monsters that now dominate the Oceans of Earth after the Flood of Neptia…)

Dislikes: The Deep sea (Because he has to contend with the monsters of the Deep Sea), Leviathans, Being mistreated/experimented on, Particularly dangerous places, creatures and people

Phobias: Phagophobia

Related Info: Elijah has razor sharp claws at the ends of his fingers, which he will use if he has to, and especially if he’s captured for experimentation against his will. He’s also a Pescatarian, meaning that his diet’s mostly made up of fish, squid, and shellfish. He’s also not a picky eater, and will supplement fish with carrion, sea birds, small sharks, and sea urchins. Also, he kindly asks that the Dive Mask stays on at all times, because you won’t like what’s under it. He is an Aquatic Zombie, after all, So the view under the mask isn’t pretty; but there’s no need to fear for your life. …Unless if you’re a fish, because he only eats fish and other aquatic life. But even then, he won’t try to hurt you, unless if you give him a reason to. Oh, and one more thing: While Elijah can survive outside of water, if he’s not in water for a long time, he’ll begin to die to Hypothermia, thus is why the Aquatic Zombie/Ghostly Diver likes to spend most of his time in large fish tanks. Fortunately, there’s such a thing like this on board the S.S. Hatchetfish; so the Crew can study him further with his permission.



Sexuality* (*Not required for this roleplay, but you may include it if you wish):




Species: Human (You MAY have your character be part Monster, BUT, It has to make sense due to the context of this Roleplay; like, maybe they’re half Merm/Siren/Sea Serpent or whatever.





Related Info:

Role: Captain*/Second in Command*/Weaponist/Repairman/Journalist (Please pick one of these when typing out your OC!) ((* This means that this role is a First Come, First Serve; so once those roles are gone, they’re gone!))

No NSFM (Not Safe For Minors) or NSFW (Not Safe for Work) Content
Be considerate
OC’s Only
Only 2 OCs per person (Although I may allow you to have more if you ask me!)
No Overpowered characters. Please; because nothing ruins a Roleplay faster than OP characters.
Have fun!
And AGAIN; If you get scared Easily; do NOT join!

This roleplay was inspired by:
Subnautica (For the Underwater explorative stuff)
Silt (Underwater Horror)
Uhhh… and some other Games involving Underwater stuff-

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imma use mat fro dis

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Alright! Is taM gonna be the Cap’y?

@mother_rose, here it is!


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Alright! Now you just gotta make your character! Oh, and they can be Half human, half Merm/Siren/Sea Serpent; if you want them to be that.

ima be human

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'ight. Now you just gotta type out your character and go from there.

Subnautica ahh soundin RP

But it’s BASED off Subnautica; for having Underwater explorative/slight underwater horror stuff.

yeah Subnautica is pretty based

you get the idea.

By the way; @mother_rose; please make sure you type out your OC.

i will

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Alright; T’was just a little reminder, friend. :D

Nah, probs a solo survivor or whatever if he can be

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Name: Matrim(Mat) James Cauthon
S type: Straight
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 23
height: 6’4"
weight: 198
Phobias: Losing his friends bc he failed to protect them-phobia
Role/occupation: Lone Survivor/Adventurer
Info: Mat is extremely lucky in everything he does. His luck is almost supernatural. He also is very, VERY good at throwing daggers and using his spear/sword. He is one of the best strategists. He also enjoys reading and writing. He doesn’t like people to make fun of him bc he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt them if he goes into a blind rage, or what he calls void of mind.
Personality: Extroverted and likes to make friends. Can also be humorous at times. Trouble also seems to follow him though
Likes: Daggers, trees, books, music, playing instruments, anything that involves luck, danger, adventures, and making new friends.
Dislikes: People who are mean and people that think they can beat him at dice.
Extras: He doesn’t know how many daggers he owns, or how many scars he has. If you think you’ve done something extremely dangerous, Mat’s been through it 100 times worse. He has stared through Death’s should and been to Hades and back. He also has a troubling past bc all of his family and loved ones were killed in front of him. His luck prevents him from dying(at least, so far)

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I see.

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I want to use my DIVE oc but i lost the images of him


Are you still in the PM you sent it? I’m sure I could try and find it!