some Security Guard Adopts i made last night; which i then posted on DeviantArt

[also, i didn’t intend to do this, but i kinda based each one of them shown off of six out of seven continents of the World, with:
Tessa = South America (she was born in Columbia)
Joshua = Europe (he was born in Germany)
Perth = Australia (Born in Sydney)
Kenya = Africa (he was born in Zimbabwe, btw)
Peony = Asia (born in the heart of the city of Japan)
Yukon = North America (he was born in Arkansas)]

also, i’m really proud with what i did with Kenya.

oh, and i myself love Yukon’s design. same thing with the design of Peony and Tessa

Thanks! who’s your favorite one of the six, @Tubbo_time?


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I hate to correct you – and nine months later at that – but Japan is a country, not a city. If you want her to be born in Japan, try one of the Tokyo districts. The one I’m most familiar with is Shibuya =)

And that’s why I rarely EVER choose to post stuff like this. Because someone’s gonna notice some tiny little detail, and then bug me about it.