Someone please make me a bio

I’m bored if you wanna do it tell me and here’s some info
Name: Ash
Age::smiley: No
Gender: Trans Soo male ig
Height: 5’1 :sob:
Likes: My cat mozzi RIP, music,Being emo lol, Sleep,Long walks on beaches, Wokring out
Dislikes: Rude People, Being body shammed, My brother Dante, My past and more
My friends: @XxDeadRosesxX @FerretBoy @ItsNot_Alixx And more :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do bios only during school days for other people :eyes: or my parents will think I’m sus :eyes: lol


actually, I’ll make this now. I’m quite bored lma00


finished your bio :) I’ll send it to you through our pm