Something I made

Was messing around in Chrome Music Lab, experimenting with sounds and such, managed to make something coherent to what music sounds like. Definitely not good but I’ll keep it in mind.

flash bang

Isnt the guy in your pfp the pedo from HunterXhunter?

Never really saw him as a predator but I see your point

Actually he seems like a predator But he has no interest in gon or any characters younger or older then him, He has interest in their power he’s attracted to their power (Not s-xually :sweat_smile:) so to clarify hes not a p3do and i belive hes dating killuas older brother

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Well isn’t that something? Attracted to power not children.
Misconception cleared then, otherwise he’d be far more ridiculed in the HxH community.

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Adding this here too.

Please tell me this isn’t canon

i’m making progress so don’t judge me