Something Ive been TRYING to do

(Credit to @Spacenerd and @TDogFresh

and the squirrels that live in my backyard [and possibly both of my neighbors yards too] for the idea)

I had an idea to create this thing on ccc where all of you a squirrels trying to build a burrow, manage resources, gather resources, ect
Only problem is, I want to make a map for the burror but I cant (All of the map making things use a map of the world, or make a map of an island). So im going to let you guys chose wether or not you want a map

  • Have no map
  • Have an ai generated map
  • Have a map made by a human

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How it Works

In order to see whether or not you got acorns, you must roll a d20 from disco bot
If it lands 1 - 10 you get nothing
If it lands 11 - 20, roll 2 d6s to see how many you get
There will be other resources but idk what those will be
You will not be able to go outside and search for food when it is raining or thundering out (you can go out when its cloudy, but you may want to stay close to a hole)
If you have any suggestions, please tell me

This is the the map rn


Im not talking about that, im talking about a map of the burrow. The only thing that that has to do with this is thats what helped with the idea

Ya a weather thing would be nice I mean I could just hire a weather man

I’ll think about it

Can you add a choice in the poll where everything in the map stays where it is?

Lets hire Flower Bunny from The Sims fanchise!

Hmm ok :thinking:

Yea this guy from TS4 Seasons

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ngl, the map look good


Sure, ill add weather

Hey the poll didn’t end yet tho

Why is have no map a choice?

I dunno

some people may not want a map, its not gonna be useful, itll just be for show

The map is just for wars and fun and stuff the only people who get to decide if the map stays or not is spacenerd and tdog

Oop wait nvm I see now

The no map choice is no weather for the map