Sonic RP

I just thought about this OCs allowed too.
Sonic: Me ( changed my mind )
Knuckles: @Bot_chan
Eggman: open
Gerald robotnik: open
Shadow: open
Chaos: open
Cream the rabbit: open
Tikal: open
Amy rose: @Ur-Local-Wife
Motorbugs: open
Buzz bots: open
Tell me if i missed any characters please and have a nice day <3

what about amy

can i be a oc?


Screenshot 2022-01-17 11.59.21 AM

What is it tho-

I want Amy rose

Ok then


A hedgehog that dashes with electricity and can use weapons

Yeah that’s basically sonic and amy mashed together…

so different one?

No it’s ok You can keep Techno.


You want to start rp?


Techno:walking around

taking a rest

Techno:Where to go next?

{I can’t start yet I’m choking}