Sonic the hedgehog meets Crash Bandicoot Roleplay

the world of Crash Bandicoot meets the world of Sonic the Hedgehog, Heros meet and Villains collide, Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. Robotnick are making a robot that uses crystals and the Chaos Emeralds, this robot can spell doom for our protagonists if it’s power sources are successfully collected. The Sonic team and the Crash team must go on a journey to keep Neo cortex and Robotnick from their goal.

Team Sonic

Sonic: Taken by @Grain
Tails: @Junio_Tails
Knuckles: Taken by @Bot_chan
Amy: Taken by @sunas.wife
Cream: Taken by @Gabriella_Weidner
Sally: Open
Shadow: taken by sus-air
Rouge: Open
Silver: Open
Blaze: Open
Zooey: Open
Vector: Open
Espio: Open
Charmy: Open
Classic Sonic: Taken by @baldimorelol

Team Crash

Crash: Taken by @DashtheWarrior
Coco: Taken by @FNF_BF
Aku Aku: Open
Crunch: Open
Tawna: Open
Polar: Open
Pura: Open


Metal Sonic: Taken by @Creeperbot33
Dr. Robotnik: Open
Dr. Neo Cortex: Open
Uka Uka: Open

Extra antagonists

Mecha Sonic: Open
Dingodile: Open
Infinite: Taken by @Ozzy
Pinstripe Portoroo: Open
Mephiles: Open
Ripper Roo: Open
Scourge: Open
Tiny Tiger: Open
N. Trophy: Open

if you’d like to recommend me a character just tell me in a PM
credit to @baldimorelol for the logo

Mario meets Sly Cooper Roleplay


also the RP will be in a PM


also, if you guys don’t know what a Sonic or a Crash character looks like, ask me or @Mordecai_Heller.

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This is gonna be great!

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this epic crossover can’t die. it’s too great.


we can start the rp now and get more characters as we go


hey uhhh…can i be infinite?


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(Ima be metal sonic)

i added you, but don’t constantly ask me if they wanted to rp or show up when it isn’t fitting, ok?

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(Oh mk)

i wanna be tails

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can i be knuckles




I’d like to be Tails!

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