Super Mario ideas

I know that I said it at the website but, do a kuppa truppa in the shell and then full body, gommba then it being squashed,pixel Super Mario head to full body, black bob-omb to lit bob-omb, regular boo to shy/scared boo, star with recolored Mario head, paper Mario hammer to Paper Mario and yoshi tongue, egg and/or fruit.

A yoshi tongue with fruit could be and cursor by itself.

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I know I’m your friend but, STOP CALLING THE ORIGINAL GAME 1

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please it is ANNOYING PEOPLE AND PEOPLES (also persons) ARE NOT WORDS!!!

what’s going on?

the original game is just the game name and any after that is 2,3,4,5,6,etc. and I’m sorry I was just getting mad. me and the other guy are friends at school


hi, how do you get here and please vote my idea

my freind

brb gotta take a test

do you really know me or are you just saying friend?

Hes talking about me. I invited him to vote for your thing. =)

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I’m his friend.

that explains a lot now that you said that

I like your idea. very good.

thank you

you have a lot of bages

Yeah. How do you get to the new user tutorial.

I got there by just entering here or it should be in your messages. look for @discobot