the "badges" from tl1 and tl2 users need to stop

only tl3’s and higher are allowed to make badges but everyone not a tl3 keeps asking anyway. seriously, guys. stop it.

don’t be offended, please. i’m just trying to keep you kids from breaking the rules

ok ;–;

i’m not trying to be mean or anything, but it’s just against the rules is all

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Well the problem is, they don’t know that. They are new to this stuff and they don’t know only tl3 and tl4 are the only people to make badges

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I know :slightly_frowning_face:

true. but it’s still a little annoying

here take this hugs you

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Can I have a :sparkles: ZaCo :sparkles: ?

It seems like he made this rule to reduce the spam pings he probably gets from badge requests.

I respect that. He runs this site, he needs some breathing room.

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I WaNt A zAcO
what’s a zaco
It’s a taco in a z shape :smiley:


makes you a zaco

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Eats ZaCo*
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rp in feedback be like :skull:

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