The CCCies 2021

Hello, I know I know I’m not @Homeless.Yoda but, it’s getting to the end of the year and we need the 2021 awards and he is not responding so I had to take control for this year… so lets see coughs and straightens paper and reads them. So “awards” aka badges will be given out, like the most popular user or something like that. We will be doing pm for the voting just like and the 4 most voted for each category will be later put on a poll for a final vote.

(Message me to begin)

Poll voting/Final voting begins on Sep 17.

Good Luck.



Ok @1-800-AVIATION test it out, does it work?

Hold on, give my internet a moment…

Uh oh–
The tab on the right is the form

Oh hold on


@Gem_Wolf You fix it yet?

I don’t know how to make it valuable for everyone

The error message says something about an organization.

Check EVERYWHERE. Click anything you can. See what it does. Look for something about orginazations.

Try it now

still no, click the gear next to the save button

it might be limited to a certain set of people

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Ok what we are going to do is you will pm me to began ok? @Piranha_Plushtrap and @1-800-AVIATION

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decides that I’m doing this


Wait, what are the categories?!

Never mind that are you ready to take the pm, pm me @EliteSnowNinja @galaxywiings @Piranha_Plushtrap

Yep! Make a group PM for us, and list the categories at the top.


No group