The Deep Mines Terrain

Manual: this is the deep mine terrain, ask me at the entrance for this cave to know the dangers of these caves and mines
Basic info: Very dark, but has random light spots that confuse scientists, the lakes and pools in this mine can hide in the darkness, so bring a flashlight or lantern.
in the deep mine terrain you hear a chilling ambience interrupted by an occasional water droplet hitting the rock floor and echoing throughout the cave systems
there are some false floors, so maybe throw a rock if you feel unsure if the ground in front of you is a hollow pit with stalagmites waiting to kabob you. Falling rocks are common and will fall if the cave fills with sound so try to keep it down. the walls and ceiling will collapse under same circumstances as the falling rocks, but it needs to also have force applied to (and a force of over 3345, over 700+ pounds of force)

Walks into the mine and sees Doge talking to himself about the levels of the mine
Ok, don’t see that everyday! And I live in CCC-


oh hi guys! how are you?

Doge stopped talking to himself, great!

I’m pretty good!

nice to hear! i am just thinking about the mines

You where TALKING about the mines!

uhh… yeah, i need to remember what can happen so i am ready for when i need to go in there

ok, what to do… The Anime Cartel is deciding to grow their cartel and gain more territories… how to fight back…

Kil em all.

that might now work, plus, they might have a revival system in a main base or somethin’ i have seen the exact same Cartelswoman

Nah, I have demolished many Anime Cartel bases, and found none of them.

maybe they are not the main base

Nope, there are normal bases, Omega bases, and Alpha bases.

maybe they have a secret main base

Nope, I’ve been destroying every base I came across when I had $20,000 on my bounty.

you cannot prove nor disprove something if it is secret

There was a secret base, WAS.

and i wanted to be alone, walks deeper into the cave