The Friend Button

No I’m not talking about any cursor, I’m talking about that we should add a Friend Button in the Profile and you can get nonfictions what they are doing, unless they have there profile on private. So if someone clicks on someone’s profile and there is a “Friend Request” Button. Then the other person that owns the profile has a nonfiction saying “name” wants to be your friend" you can have three choices Accept, Decline, turn off Friend button mode. You can switch on and off your friend button. If its off, NO ONE can click the friend request. If on, then anyone can.


@blife450 take a look

@Frosty take a look

@Funtime_foxy @Nightmare_Crusader @Icedcatpusheeno


hi lol

What do you think of the idea


Yesh Gem?

reaad the text

We NEED that I have a lot of people I wanna friend and I get millions of notifications so I need them SEPRATE


@ people please

kk I will

good idea

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@ people pls, more need to know

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