The Ink Demon's Reign is Ending

I am so sorry I have to tell you this guys. I might be forced to leave CCC by the end of today. It has been fun guys I really don’t want it to end, but I might not have a choice. I found love here, I made great friends, and I made some enemies. I love you all. If I do not in fact have to leave I will tell you all tomorrow, but this might be the end of the ink demon. :sob: :sob: :sob:
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It would only let me mention ten people

I’m am very sorry Bendy.

Before you go I would love to give you this (hold on)

It’s been fun my dude. Your challenges and games were awesome.

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Your dark wolfy? Why? I love it, but why?

hey srry you have to leave i had to aswell for a long time

This is a gift of my picture so you remember me

Don’t worry I will. I will probably use it in a few drawings too.

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and I have a bigger surprise for you

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Oh? What is it?

I am in Hollywood right now and I met this celebrity that I have with me right now, you problbly don’t believe me but you don’t have to

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Cool, if you are, in fact, in Hollywood it wouldn’t be a surprise that you met a celebrity.


and do you want to talk to him (you won’t believe who it is) he might not know how to use this but this is Will Smith he was booked this morning

I doubt he knows how to use this


hey will

Scroll up.