The Metaverse

Join Jason and Liz (no copywrite @Girlfriend-Cherry plz) and save the metaverse ONCE AND FOR ALL

A chat will have a metaverse Core inside, each one consists of different things, like #1, This one holds power to clear Goo, and #4, able to activate the door to Reality 666 and beat the Glyph Master

Each Core is guarded by a guardian spirit, each with their own powers when you beat them,
#1: Levitation
#2: Teleportation
#3: Able to control others
#4 Able to speak to creatures

Tagged Wrong person XD

Jason: We need 5 people to start
Liz: This is gonna be crazy

Hi sisters

yeah im using Liz, i tagged you so you can understand what im doing, but accidentally tagged someone with your old name

Oof it’s oki

Ok thanks

Ummm, can you like also, redesign your Liz to be a bit different, dont want to be slapped with copywrite, if ya know what i mean

what the f*ck

Well, just the last name, fnaf man is gonna oof me

i hope my daddy does oof you