The New Kid in town.

This is a new kid in town rp so basically here’s what you can rp as:

New girl: @Faithful_thing


Dad: @victor-zander


Gf or Bf: @Mr.Forgettable (The bf)

New girl or boy’s sister or brother: @PLSMSNAG (Brother)

Teacher’s Pet: @mother_rose


Bully: @bad.k1d

Best Friend: @Ur-Local-Wife

Artist Kid: @BadKarMa

Has a crush on the new kid: @anieme_loverlol

Class Clown: @sugarjayboom

Me (Aka the new kid.):

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Name: Mariah Moore

Age: 15

S-type: Bi

Birthday: February 14th

Zodiac: Aquarius <3

Gf / Bf’s zodiac: Gemini

Sister / Brother’s zodiac: Libra

Likes: Sunsets, trees, lattes, mocha.

Dislikes: Nothing

People she hates: She doesn’t hate anyone.

Alright that’s all enjoy also if your gonna be the sibling or lover please put which one you want, for example: Can I please have Sister or brother? I’ll be the sister. Thanks!

Mm can I be the best friend

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Sure! Please put your character :)


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S type:bi
likes: listening to music, taking walks, hanging out with her best to friend

{I honestly don’t know T-T}

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Lol it’s okay t’s good!

okay T-T

So do you want to start now and more people join while on or wait till the list is full?

Idk your choice

Its funny I made the same rp…:grin: Just a little curious


We can start now?

It wasn’t suppose to be funny…:sweat_smile:

Ok. Just because I said lol doesn’t mean I found it funny :/

Lol means laughing out loud which means you found it funny-:smiley:

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I know that but I say lol when I don’t know what to say.

:lying_face:ANYGAYS ima go before I get more mad then I already am


Go ahead, I didn’t even fr steal yo idea anyway.

May I join?