the problem whit "ElChip" cursor

um hi! Hmm so I’m having a problem with the ElChip cursor, from the pack of five night at freddy’s. My problem is that the arrow, where the normal cursor to interact would be, is not at the tip of the ukulele (I think it is a ukulele) but it is in the middle of nowhere, if someone could tell blife I would greatly appreciate it.

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technically you are telling blife this

yeah but we don’t have a problem section so I just have to wait for blife to see it

When you tag @blife450 in post i see that post faster
And any time you can send PM to me

Unfortunately, yes :disappointed:
There was a mistake in that cursor, it had active point set wrong

Enyone who downloaded corrupt version of that cursor should delete it, and add it again from our website.

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oh no problem i’m used to it xd but sometimes it can be a bit annoying

oh I didn’t know, I’m new xd but now that you’re here, could you help me with my problem please?

@Jacobini_UwU Thank you for noticing it!
You are helping us to become better :grinning:

Thanks to you! now the cursor works perfect :smiley:

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