The truth about Mettaton.


h… hi

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baldi i will get the sad music ready

I just wanted to make this clear, I am not in love with Optimus Prime. It was a joke, and I just wanted to point it out.

Hello ranb00b

waiting for @AstroWrld to change my name

Also, I am a man.

Well, You get the money, I get your fame and fortune!


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You g ay then.

I made that dare so I can fool people that you are in love with fictional robots!

Says the one who SIMPS OVER MATH

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oh, sh ut up.

No :grin::hocho:


thanks @Ashhhhhhh!

Optimus prime is a hotty though :flushed:


It’s a chicken nuggy

Then I am in love with nothing, since it’s fictional.

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Its a froppy

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