the WasteLands take 2..

continuing the roleplay from the WasteLands

but i’m a member of the Corrupted, so be careful around me, ok?)


we can continue now!


(yeah, it’s a good ost!)

We restarted because my sister quit the roleplay and we all just knew it was done for.

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yep, pretty much…)

wanna roleplay now, @EliteSnowNinja?)

hey @EliteSnowNinja, can @hato and @Nezuko.Kamado join us?)

Um us 2 are doing our own rp rn

So we cant srry

(Yeah, sure!)

nvm, they don’t want to…)

(Oh, lol, sorry)

(Also, this roleplay is still gonna have Corbin because he’s just awesome)

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and Nimbus will still be here, but he might become Corrupted later in the rp…)

Mikayla: how far are the hunters?

@EliteSnowNinja, @Toxi_killer asking for Corbin)

Ninja: not sure…

The Hunters are 156 miles away... still. Like I said, clueless.

you do know what i mean by, Clueless are the best of them all, right @EliteSnowNinja?)

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so, i think that we need more people)

(Yeah, no kidding. Who do we summon? Also, I’m tempted to make this a PM again…)