the Wild, Wild World of Endermen

all types of Endermen are welcome!

Common Enderman: Open
Auzy-Auzy Enderman: taken by @Erik
Pigmy Enderman: Open
Tropical Enderman: Open
(Enderman OCs are allowed!)

Notes on each:
Auzy-Auzy endermen, Love water, their skin allows them to come in contact with water, and not take damage, so yeah, they also are skilled with their Bowie Knives and their Boomerangs, but they often love to play the Didgeridoo in their free time, and Erik’s a master at this.
Pygmy Endermen are shorter than most enders, and they tend to be under threat by large birds of prey.
Tropical Enders love the tropics, and they also can survive being in water, like Auzys

oh and @Red_hood and @GlitchedEnd, you guys can join!)


wanna join, @Red_hood? and btw, i love your pfp!

no thanks and thanks

@DashtheWarrior hello there mortal

Oh hey Sea!

G’day, EnderA!

IrlA: Hi Gem, Sea’s asleep.
EnderA: Irl…You smashed her on the head with a pan…
IrlA: Shhhhh…You saw nothing.

takes my Digi from my inventory

IrlA: Welp, I guess Im leaving a 10 year old with strangers. Goodbye.
EnderA: Wait what!

Scared EnderA noises

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Something falls from the sky
Jason: Enderman world? But im a Looper… of Etheria

plays this, but without the gutairs

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EnderA: Where am I…I am very confused.

this is Enderia, a world where Endermen of all types and species can thrive, without threat of steves, or the Ender Dragon.

…No Ender Dragon? …Night. No no no no no! I cant hear him! He’s gone!

it should be a good thing, it attacks the Ender population on the End islands…

EnderA: Nights part Ender Dragon! He’s not bad!