Gem Wolf's Post Office

Do you feel tired just trying to find your friends so you could send them a meme, message, art, or a thank you card?
Leave it to me!
Just send it to me on this topic or pm me, tell me it, and I will deliver it.
(This can only be in ccc)

Steps for doing this,
Step 1: pm me or comment here
Step 2: give me the note, image whatever
Step 3: Tell who it’s for (don’t even have to ping them, that is the good part because it will be in their pm next time they visit)
Step 4: I shall give it to them no matter what the cost, they will have it!

My Promise: I promise that no matter who it is for, how long it takes, no matter the cost, they will get their mail or delivery or even links, I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER SPEAK ABOUT THE DELIVERY OR MAIL TO ANYONE NOT PART OF WHO I AM GIVING IT TO

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And thank you for choosing Gem Wolf’s Post Office

This is very sus


I think you’re better off with doing what is needed in the challenge than this…

Well thanks for the opinion

i want to mail a baby to my aunt fishy so she can eat it

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any ops?

can you send that to my friend Aaravos_Startouchelf

Got it.

lol thanks

This is very nice

Yaaay I’m making my own company XD

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I hope you do great!

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I am working on some upgrades, trying to find better ways to do letters

Something like this, I am still working on this

it looks nice!

Can I work here?

Yes please! I found out that we have limited of messages! XD

oh we do?

oof right? i want to start a cafe

All the businesses seemed to just’ve closed down-