Walmart RP

Is the supervisor the girl over there that is wearing all black and trying to sneak out the store?

yes. *runs toward the super visor and steals the clipboard.

(The characters I am playing is, is a girl named Timmy, yes, a cisgender girl named Timmy, and she wears overalls and one of those propeller hats)

Oooh! You’re stealing!

oh well no one will tell. *takes the super visor into the sewage and locks it

Oooh! You’re holding the supervisor hostage!

no he is just taking a swim

In an underground cess pool?


C’mon honey THIS IS A RACIST LADY FOR MAKING THAT PERSON SWIM IN SEWAGE (Not knowing what racist means)

(Timmy is literally a child Karen-)


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(Theory: Karen named her daughter Timmy at birth because she wanted Timmy to be a boy and is now forcing Timmy to be a boy, and Timmy doesn’t care)


The store is now open.

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how many time did this took u dang

we are now selling “lemonade”
Screenshot 2021-05-18 2.13.35 PM

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