This is crazy. NO MORE OF THIS.

Welcome to Chillout Plaza! Here are some thing you need to know…

  1. Get to know me!
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I’m your host Ms. @Faithful_thing <3. I’m an Aquarian and I’m nice! (Sometimes.) Whenever you need something or have a question just @ me! My age is 16… and My birthday is in my appearance summary. I am a lesbian. My best friends are: @Soldier_Moon, @XxDeadRosesxX, @Ur-Local-Sleeper, @YOUR-LOCALM0M, @Lady_Strawberry, @N1GHT.M4R3, @MetallicC0RAL, and @Shifter. On to the next one!

  1. About the plaza…what can you do?
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So, this plaza is about becoming friends and being nice. If I ever see someone being mean I will politely ask @yummyorangejuice to close this. You can basically do anything but be negative here.

  1. (Last one.) Why was this made?
You know the drill.

Cause I wanted it to be plus I was bored.

Thanks for reading! Stay alive, Stay positive! <3 (I need to work on a quote :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :sob: )


yes i am a friend guys


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Ofc you are <3



Yess bestfriennnnnnnnnn

Oh hi.


was good

REMINDER!: 2 minutes before grand opening.

Is it open now?-

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Pretty much yeah


ATTENTION: Sorry for the delay, :sweat:. I was really busy so I couldn’t get here on time. But enough of that…

Welcome to…


We are now officially open!

Thank you for joining us! I also want to honor the fact that some of y’all came early, I appreciated that! Anyways, onto what we will we do for our “Grand Opening.” ONTO THE POLL!

  • Do a roleplay (Of the wheel’s choice my wheel ofc.)
  • Just talk!
  • Truth or dare.

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It is your choice. If you pick do a roleplay, I will spin a certain wheel I have and will tell what I got! Again thanks for coming!

ooooo fun

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OMG HIII! Your here!!!

HEYYAAA. Sorry I’m a bit late. I was fixing my bio lma00. But I’m here now :^

It’s kk

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