Tornado Outbreak's 12th Anniversary Celebration!

here is where i’ll post fanart from tomorrow, all the way till November!

Same here

First, allow me to reshare this


I love your art style and your handwriting is so neat

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Second 12 Years of Tornado Outbreak art coming Today!

Hey :wave:

Hewo people

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Yes U—U

I’m bored now hehe

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You should go into it it’s very cute U-U

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i’m just gonna link this to another thing:
In Celebration of 12 years of Tornado Outbreak, i decided to do something very special…

Aww thanks!

at first, i thought she was talking to me ;-;

stop, Zephyr time.

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gib hug

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hugs back

welcome back, Ninja!

Fanks :3

you’re welcome! hugs you again

alright, here’s #2!

not gonna lie, but Cyclone do be lookin’ like a Great Horned Owl…