Tropicalous- S.O.S "save our sniper!!!!!"

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so when the course is set for Tropicalous, there are different biomes here like mesa not far from jungle.

the dropship crashed and now we have to set up a HQ/new civilization on tropicalous.

other than me, @cam_man, @GalaxyWings, @TheQueenOfCuddles, @toxi_sissy, @Despracito_Spider, and @EliteSnowNinja, everyone on Mira HQ dies.

the jungles are home to many rare animal species and ruins of ancient monkey towns, villages, and temples.

ancient jungles are where temples, and other ruins can be found.
average jungles are where monkey towns and villages can be found.

the beaches are white sand, a ingredient found in making glass, and coral reefs dot the bays of this tropical planet.

the deserts, badlands and outbacks also house temples and ruins of auzy ender villages- however these are extremely rare on Tropicalous; but they are quite common on Outbactos,
a planet composed of almost complete desert, or Outback, resources like wood are rare there.

so to start building a HQ on Tropicalous, pick a job choice below:

1.) architect* (* only one of these, please!)

2.) fisher* ( @toxi_sissy, and @lonely_guy .)

3.) forager* ( you collect stuff like berries, insects, and healing plants; you can also collect coral, but don’t stay underwater for too long.) (@Kalamari_inklum is now a forager!)

4.) woodcrafts man* (* you collect logs for buildings and fire.) @Despracito_Spider is now a woodcrafts man.

5.) explorer* (* you map out the terrain, and report any enemy hideout that you find.) and i choose explorer.

6.) miner* (* you mine stone and ores such as iron,steel,emerald,lapis,and gold.) (@Despracito_Spider)

7.) smelter/smith* (you smelt the raw ores* (*excludes diamonds,emeralds,lapis) into bars, and the other person turns those bars into tools,weapons, and building materials like steel.) (@Despracito_Spider

8.) herder* (* you keep track of the herds of animals that we befriend.) (@Rabbit-Warrior is now a herder!)

9.) shearer* (* you shear sheep. that’s it. it’s pretty straight-forward.)

:star2: 10.) farmer* (* anyone that finds seeds,deposit them in the donate box,where the farmer will plant them and harvest them when they finish growing. that’s it. it’s pretty straight-forward.) :star2: (@Rabbit-Warrior is now a farmer!)

(oh i forgot im actually a 2-0-3 boomerang monkey)


find a M.O.A.B. graveyard.

the stars mean that its very important to a functioning town.

iΒ΄ll be woodcrafts man

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can i be fisher please?

yes you can.

yay thank you!

you are welcome!

hee hee

( hey guys i respond again to the storyline at 12:25) do your village tasks and do not engage the enemy while i’m gone, kapeace?


just wait until 12:25, then i will come back.


@toxi_sissy, i got a google meet soon so wait until 12:25, ill be back then. so do not engage the enemy until i get back. kapesch?


he has a google meet

but why?

probably a work meeting or a school meeting

oh now i get it thank you!

np! :slight_smile:

… wow